Monday, March 5, 2012

Reason 8: The names
The names "Muur" and "Bosberg" are badass.
"Muur" means "Wall"
Racing up the Wall? BADASS!
Correction via @wielergekblog:
Its replacement the Oude Kwaremont translated means Old Kwaremont. "Square Mountain".
Might as well be called "Yo Grandmas favorite climb"

"Bosberg" means something close to "Wood Hill".
That is descriptive but does not really resonate, actually kind of weak. 
BUT in English...
Bos, pronounced as "Boss" sounds badass like "Boss Hill"
That is why us English speakers like it.
Its replacement the Paterberg means Father Hill but to us English it sounds like
Patsy Hill or Pansy Mountain. Weak. 

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