Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reason 27: Protests

When the organizers decided to move the route they had to realize that protests (in Dutch, which I cannot speak a word of) would ensue. 
People are too passionate about our sport in this region to not freak out. 


There have been accusations of mayors writing letters to their aldermen telling them not to go, and the residents of Geraardsbergen are even contemplating a protest on the Oude Kwaremont. Gotta love the passion of these folks.

Obviously, no route change = no protests and no problems. The organizers are getting what they asked for with the possible protests and bad publicity. That being said I also I believe that it would be ridiculous and a shame if the protests became violent or impacted the race adversely.

The only thing that will help stem the protests will be an awesome race on Sunday. God help them if the race sucks.

Thanks to Wielerg@k (@Wielergekblog)

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